Top Brewery and Distillery Tours in London

Do you want to find out how gin or beer is made? Explore one of London’s breweries or distilleries on a tour, and even have a go at making some yourself.

The capital features hundreds of drinksmiths, from small gin labs and microbreweries, to world-famous beer makers that have been producing pints for generations. Whatever your taste, there is a spot for you in London to learn (and taste) the process, history and chemistry behind your favourite tipple.

London Breweries

The Five Points Brewing Company

Once a month, Five Points allows you to peak behind the curtain and experience the processes that go into making its five speciality beers. Follow the experts, and get to know the secrets of their unfiltered and unpasteurised beer.

It's Brewery Tour Day! Here's our first group learning about our brewing process.

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Beavertown Brewery

If you've been to a London bar, you’ll have probably seen one of the cartoon-covered Beavertown beers, produced in this Tottenham warehouse brewery. Here, you’ll discover the story of this quirky brand and witness the care that goes into its brewing techniques.

Fuller's Griffin Brewery

Fuller's Griffin Brewery is the home of London Pride, one of the capital’s most widespread beers. Take a look around the historic premises, which opened in Chiswick in 1816, and choose between three different tours: each one covers a special stage of the brewing process, and includes plenty of beer to try.

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Crate Brewery

Go behind the scenes of one of the coolest names on the London brewing scene with the Crate Brewery tour. Grab the opportunity to not only sample a fine selection of beers, but also to examine how the Crate operation is growing, all framed within the larger context of brewing heritage and culture.

Camden Town Brewery

Camden Town Brewery started life in a basement but it's now a popular brewery with a selection of famous beers and some delicious seasonal offerings. Learn how the popular Camden Hells lager is brewed with malt and hops sourced from Germany. Enjoy a beer, have a chat with the resident brewers, and see how they make their delicious range.

When in Camden...

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Twickenham Fine Ales

Step into "London's oldest microbrewery", as claimed by Twickenham Fine Ales, and taste your way around the classic ales on offer at this southwest London brewery. Also check out the brewery’s programme for comedy nights and rugby match screenings in the factory.

Meantime Brewery

Take your passion for beer to the next level with Meantime Brewery’s The Knowledge, a series of beer appreciation classes. From evening workshops, through to a full day masterclass, you can choose the level of detail you want to dig into. All tours include tutored tastings of the brewery’s best beers.

London Distilleries

Beefeater Gin Distillery

Delve into one of the most iconic gin distilleries in London at Kennington’s Beefeater, which has a distilling tradition that can be traced back to the 1820s. Relive 197 years of spirit-making through curiosities and fun anecdotes on a distillery tour. Taste gin from original Victorian pot stills, and explore the botanical room, where the fresh ingredients are stored. Enjoy a large gin and tonic as grand finale. 

London Distillery Company

Visit the London Distillery Company, based in a former Victorian dairy in Battersea, and learn about the techniques that are used to make their groundbreaking whisky. The London Distillery Company was granted London’s first license to produce single malt whisky in 2013, the first in over a century. Guests also learn about the history of Dodd's gin and its unfortunate inventor.

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East London Liquor Company

Learn from the experts at this Mile End distillery located in a former glue factory in Bow Wharf. Unlike many other distilleries, the East London Liquor Company uses its stills more than once, to produce gin, vodka, whisky and rum on site. Learn about the distilling process and indulge in a special tasting session at the quirky bar filled with beautiful copper stills.

Bump Caves

Take a trip around this subterranean bar and micro-distillery under the guidance of master distiller Max Chater as part of the Distil Your Own Gin event, where you’ll have the chance to create your own bespoke gin in this Sixties-themed bar. The event includes three drinks, a cheese board, a bottle of your own gin and a bottle of the Bump Caves’ Victory Gin.

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Take a tour of Jensen’s distillery in Bermondsey, and retrace the history of gin-making in London. If you prefer something more spontaneous, simply head to the distillery and take a seat at the bar: the staff will be able to guide you through the characteristics of each of the various gins on sale and the exact way to serve them.

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Sipsmith Distillery

Take a journey through the process of gin-making, from plant to glass, at Sipsmith Distillery in Chiswick. The tour is an easygoing experience: start with a gin and tonic and, having toasted the copper vats with a drink in hand, you’ll be taken through the botanicals used in the process of making gin. You can also opt for a three-course meal featuring gin-themed botanicals.